Madrassah Bilal

Madrassah Bilal’s Hifz Program is committed to produce competent huffaz and protectors of the Noble Qur’an who are able to fulfill the responsibilities of teaching Qur’an and leading Tarawih prayers. Madrassah Bilal’s students are nurtured into community leaders and beacons of light for our growing ummah. Our program not only concentrates on memorizing the Qur’an with correct tajwid, but also a strong emphasis is made on maintaining what has already been memorized. Students are encouraged to work rigorously in order to preserve the previous lessons. The Hifz program also strives to nurture students’ overall moral and ethical values, preparing them to become model citizens and positive contributors to society.

Hifz Program Overview


A student becomes a Haifz by memorizing the entire Quran. The Quran consists of 30 chapters. 


Academics is also an important part of the Hifz Program. Students are enrolled with our academics partner K12(online education school)


Our mission is to prepare future leaders who will show commitment to religion, family, and community.


To enroll in the Hifz program please contact Qari Shahid or Imam Noor-Udin. If you would like more information about the program you can email us at